We have asked Rikard Södergren, who has himself been a wheelchair user for many years, to help us describe the disabled access at Öster Malma.

Accessibility at Öster Malma

Lagårn, conference and restaurant

When you park in the disabled parking area, you are 10 metres from the entrance. There is an automatic door opener to the right. You come straight into the reception, with seats for visitors. The conference area is to the left, and the restaurant to the right; all on the same level. There are two wheelchair-accessible toilets; one by the restaurant cloak room and one by the conference rooms.

Conference rooms in Lagårn

The large meeting-room and the smaller conference rooms are all on the same level. Low thresholds and a good, hard floor for wheelchairs. In the restaurant, there is plenty of space between the till, the buffet and the dining tables. The buffet tables are low enough to allow wheelchair users to reach the food. The dining tables are designed to comfortably accommodate wheelchair users. Accessibility in Lagårn is very good.

Röda längan, accommodation

Wheelchair users can park close to the entrance. The outside door does not have an automatic door opener. All rooms are on the same level as the entrance. 4 rooms are adapted for disabled persons, with space for a wheelchair by the bed. The toilets are equipped with freestanding shower seats, low mirrors, and there is leg room under the washbasin. The doors are more than 80 cm wide in all rooms. On the lower level, which you reach with a lift, there is a self-catering kitchen. To reach the micro and top cupboards, you need assistance if you are in a wheelchair. There is a library with armchairs and tables, relax room, sauna and showers adapted for disabled persons. The small conference room Aulan is also accessible by lift.


The Castle does not have permanent access facilities for disabled persons. If you are in a wheelchair, you can access the main entrance, entrance level and lower level. To reach the entrance level, temporary ramps are available. The outside door has a high threshold. Wheelchair users will need assistance. To reach the pub on the lower level, you have to go around the Castle and enter through the lower outside door. The gravel paths around the Castle are difficult to manage with a wheelchair; you will need assistance. The pub on the lower level is only open on certain evenings. There are no toilets for disabled people in the Castle. The Castle gardens have shingle paths, so you may need assistance using your wheelchair.

Castle wings

Youth hostel accommodation – The wings are listed buildings, built in the 18th century. It has not been possible to provide disabled access. Therefore, Öster Malma offers hotel accommodation to disabled persons.