Dinner at the castle

We serve a 3 course dinner with pre drink in a genuine castle environment at Öster Malma castle. You see the menu down here. The castle will be open between 3 and 5 PM to enjoy castle coziness with charcuterie and snacks.

Welcome to our Castle

In the beautiful landscape of Sörmland is the old manor Öster Malma with its castle and the two wings beautifully situated by Lake Malmasjön. Lovely nature around the corner wherever you go, as well as wild Swedish animals in the forests around you.

We will offer a dining experience at the castle almost every Saturday, when you can eat well in the castle and then stay at our hotel which is opposite. Escape everyday life, feel the wings of history and enjoy the peace here with us. It will be a set menu that our chefs prepare with venison and locally. See the menu below!