Cutting course with cooking

An anatomical cutting course with subsequent cooking will provide an experience you will not forget. What kind of cutting details can you get out of a deer thigh, inner thigh, outer thigh, roller, roast beef and French.

From forest to table

Do you have a burning interest in wildlife and cooking! Welcome to the slaughterhouse where we start with a guided tour. Before you put the knife into the steak, a knife school is presented so you have the right knife and grinding, then you are ready for the cutting details.

With the guidance of our chef Fredrik Rickardsson, cooking a cutting detail will take you to a culinary experience. You will learn all the master’s tricks to well cooked meat and a delicious sauce.

When the cooking is done you enjoy the dinner with good wines.

Time: 4 hours with subsequent dinner and overnight stay.

Objective: Be able to cut a thigh, handle the knife and gain more knowledge about the wild meat.

Requirements: Interest in game and cooking.

Price: 3995: – incl. overnight stay and breakfast. Drinks are added. Date: 1 Feb, 7 March, 4 April, 26 Sept and 24 Oct

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