Öster Malma Wildlife Park

With our Wildlife Park we want to give everyone who come here an opportunity to see Swedish wildlife animals in their natural habitat. The park is also used for instruction. Here it’s important to embrace the fact that this is wildlife, even though all animals are kept in the park are bred in captivity. We believe that the moose, who is the king of the forest, should have full access to our forests, and the red deer to its marshland. The animals will therefore not be standing on display behind the fence, but instead be seen in their natural environment.

Opening hours and Prices

May 1 until September 30.
Tuesday-Saturday at 10.00-16.00 (midsummer weekend closed)

Guided tours June 28- August 21, Tuesday-Saturday at 13.30.

Children 0-5 years Free, Children 6-16 years 50: -, Pensioners 100: -, Adults 120: -, Family 5 people (at least 2 children) 270: – and groups over 10 people get a 15% discount

During the period October, November, Mars and April, all ungulates are in the winter enclosures. This means that they move over a larger area and are thus more difficult to see. Our bird aviaries are closed during this period.

Opening hours Otober, November, Mars and April:
Tuesday-Saturday 11: 00-15: 00

Children 0-5 years Free, Children 6-16 years 25: -, Pensioners 40: -, Adults 50: -, Family 5 people (at least 2 children) 125: – and groups over 10 people get 15% discount.

Wildlife Park is closed in December, January and February.

You buy tickets in the Farmshop.

Dogs are not allowed in Wildlife Park as this can be stressful for the fenced animals.

Summer fences and winter fences

During May-September, all the animals are kept in their summer enclosures, which are located along the short walking paths that you reach on foot in the park. Along these roads are also information signs about the various animal species and their ecology. The signs are in Swedish, English and German. During the rut in September, the park is closed and some of the animals are separated to avoid heat battles. In winter, the animals are kept in larger winter enclosures. In Wildlife Park you also see a lot of birds during your walk in the park, such as capercaillie, partridge and the rare mountain geese. During the winter, however, the bird show is closed as the birds are housed indoors for the winter.